Where There’s a Will, There’ s a Way

Where there’s a will, there’s a way is a well-known proverb. This means that if you really need to do something or achieve a goal, you will certainly find a way to do it, even if you run into any number of obstacles on the way.

Let us understand this better with a story.

Once upon a time, there was a bird catcher named Banchick. Do you know what a bird catcher is? A bird catcher is a person who captures different kinds of birds.

After capturing birds, Banchick trained them to sing and talk, and then sold birds to other people. He wandered from one place to the other to catch and sell birds.

One day he found a lovely little parrot and put him in a cage. The little parrot was scared and anxious because a few minutes ago, it was flying freely in the blue sky. And now it was caged. The parrot felt completely helpless as it did not know what would happen next?

But the parrot did not want to lose hope, and so it gathered some courage to find a way out of this cage and become free once again. Let’s see what happens next.

Banchick named the parrot. He called him Chili.

Banchick began training Chili to talk and sing well. He was a cruel bird catcher who would poke his birds with a stick if they did not learn fast. Therefore, the parrot had no other option but to quickly learn to talk and sing well.

One day a man came up to Banchick when he was selling the birds and asked, “Do you have a talking parrot that could even sing? I want to gift it to my wife.”

“Yes sir, of course. I have a little parrot that sings beautifully. I am sure your wife will be happy to have this parrot,” said the bird seller. He showed the parrot to that man and said, “Come on, my little bird, sing a song for this gentleman.”

Chili, the parrot thought, “Maybe this is my chance to get away from this cruel bird catcher and become free again.”

The parrot sang a beautiful song in its sweetest voice. The man was impressed and instantly bought the parrot as a gift for his wife.

On reaching home, his wife was equally happy to be presented with a beautiful gift. She was eagerly waiting for Chili to sing a song for her.

The man asked the parrot, “Come on, little bird. Say hello to my beautiful wife and sing a beautiful song for her.”

Chili just kept quiet.

“Maybe he is scared. It is in a new place with new people. We will try talking to it tomorrow,” said the man to his wife.

The same thing happened on the next day and in fact, a whole week passed by, but Chili did not utter a single word.

Now the woman lost her temper and said to her husband, “You lied to me! This silly Chili cannot even talk. I will not keep this useless bird at home with me any longer.”

Soon she opened the cage and shouted at the little parrot, “Get out of here. You silly Chili, you are a good for nothing.”

Chili came out of the cage and flew a little distance away. He then sang a song that amazed the woman! Do you want to know what the parrot sang? He sang, “I love to fly in the open sky.” And away he flew into the blue sky. Once again it was free and happy and singing to its heart’s delight.

It was the parrot’s will and strong determination that helped it to free itself from the cage.

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